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pimento cheese

Pimento Cheese: a Southern Staple

What is Pimento Cheese?

Sometimes referred to as “The Caviar of the South”, pimento cheese is a staple in most southern communities. Pimento cheese can be served as a spread on crackers, dipped with a chip, or even as a topping on a sandwich. At The COOP we use a combination of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and pimento peppers to stay true to this classic snack. Each bite comes topped with bacon crumbles and served on a baguette chip.

Where to find the Southern staple in Orlando

best fried chicken orlando

Readers’ Choice 2016: Best Fried Chicken Orlando

Who has the best fried chicken?

Drum roll, please! And the Orlando Weekly “Best Fried Chicken” goes to… The COOP!

Each year Orlando Weekly puts out the “Best of Orlando” in multiple categories like Music & Nightlife, Arts & Culture, and Food & Drink. This year The COOP received the Readers’ Choice for “Best Fried Chicken”.

To see the list of all the winners check out the link below.

Orlando Weekly’s Best of Orlando ‘Readers’ Choice 2016′: Best Fried Chicken


Emeril’s Florida visits The COOP

Emeril’s Florida visits The COOP

Chef Emeril Lagasse visited The COOP for a taste of our Southern cuisine for his TV Show Emeril’s Florida. The episode aired March 6 on The Cooking Channel. Chef Emeril talks to Chef John Rivers about his career and samples dishes from The COOP, including Southern Shrimp and Grits, as well as a few favorites from 4 Rivers Smokehouse barbecue concept.

COOP Breakfast Orlando

The COOP Starts Serving Breakfast

John Rivers’ The COOP Starts Serving Southern Breakfast Tomorrow + A Peek At The Menu

In this Salivation Army segment, Orlando Weekly discusses their love for The COOP and our Southern food filled menu, as well as a sneak peek into the upcoming COOP breakfast launch. This Southern breakfast menu has Low Country Omelets (with eggs from Lake Meadows Farm), tamale pancakes, Southern poutine, and much more! The article also includes a video from our friends over at Fiction. To check out the menu and video, click the link below!

Breakfast Orlando Wesh


Start Off Your Morning With Breakfast From The COOP

In this story from Orlando My Way, we invited Kayla Becker to take a sneak peek at our new Breakfast menu. Full of pictures of all our different Southern style inspired breakfast items, Becker highlights the following:

-Tamale Pancake Topped with Pulled Pork

-Fried Green BLT & Egg Sandwich

-Low Country Omelet

-Caramelized Croissant French Toast

Southern Comfort Fried Chicken


Elevating Fried Chicken

As the price of beef continues to rise, fried chicken has become the new star, finding it’s calling in the southern comfort food market. In this article, Chef John Rivers discusses how The COOP’s menu is based on the comfort food he grew up eating and how the restaurant is “decorated like grandma’s kitchen.” He also explains the process he used when preparing the recipe for The COOP’s fried chicken, even mentioning how the packaging can effect the outcome of the chicken, “…if the chicken comes out perfect, most hot boxes use moisture, which works against crispness.” But don’t worry folks, Chef John Rivers found the perfect box and our fried chicken always stays fresh and crispy.